FNF Among Us

Everyone must remember the exciting Among Us game with its bloodthirsty main character. Now, Impostor from this sensational entertainment will appear in a new weekly mode in Friday Night Funkin game and become your main opponent. Of course, you will have to defeat him, but no weapon will help you here. The only chance to take advantage of this evil hero is to destroy him with your perfect rhythm feeling as you did with tons of other opponents in previous episodes. Actually, the main idea of the game remains the same – you need to help the Boyfriend win the heart of his beloved Girlfriend and prove to her father they deserve to be together. This mod comes with new characters, dialogs and songs. And you can choose the level of difficulty for each song.
The musical confrontation with nasty Impostor is not going to be easy – your enemy is very skillful at such things. The only solution is to outperform him. So you need to concentrate on every note you hear in a new song and catch it right. If you are not sure about your strength, you can first go through tutorial mode to train a little. And then rush to beat up the enemy by pushing the right arrows on the screen. Prove again the Boyfriend in the strongest here.

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8 Stars
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