Among Us

A new format of a collective psychological game – Among Us – is a real masterpiece you will definitely enjoy. This title is perfect for a company of friends. You are welcome to launch it on your devices and share a really amazing digital environment where thousands of unbelievable plots can happen. In general, to describe Among Us in a couple of words, one may call it a modern and digital version of Mafia, only recreated in the sci-fi style. The game encourages two teams of players to stand against one another in an opposition. The idea is that one part belongs to astronauts and the second represents so-called impostors. Let’s get into the details!
The astronauts are the “good guys”. They serve science, humanity, and knowledge. Their mission is to launch the space ship successfully and make it fly around numerous planets. Our astronauts are seeking for the investigations and discoveries. They are constructive and aspiring people, willing to deal with all the missions and cosmic tasks on their way. As an astronaut, you or your buddies will have to solve puzzles, engineering tasks, scientific questions, etc. Make decisions, develop, build, repair, and enjoy your skills and the results of your work. However, be careful and always remember that you are not the only ones on the board of the spaceship. The problem is that the impostors are behind your backs and these guys won’t let you live a calm life. They are here to destroy, ruin plans, and… to kill you! So beware.
The destructive elements of your small cosmic society are betrayers of your team. The problem is that you can never distinguish them from all the rest easily – they work under covering and pretend being normal. The only one moment when you can say for 100% that you have met an impostor is when he actually kills you. Or else – if you are that impostor yourself. By the way, you are the only one to be aware of the role you have, but other players cannot say for sure if you are a “good” or a “bad” guy. Things to do in the game will heavily depend on your role that is prescribed to you automatically – you cannot choose whether you would like to be a cosmic researcher with a noble mission or a bad guy, impostor. The game encourages all players to vote for the impostor every time someone is being killed. When the dead body is found on the ship board, all of you gather at a spot and discuss the happening. Each participant has the right to suggest the killer’s personality. Then you can vote against those players and even yourself! Identify all the enemies if you can.

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