Among Us Unblocked

The unblocked version of Among Us is waiting for you here! Become an astronaut or an impostor – depending on how lucky you are today – and enjoy the game. In the unblocked version, you will have a chance to discover tons of free content and the most important – no need to download it! This version of the game doesn’t include any limits and you can launch it on any operational system, device, and even place. It avoids all the possible blocks, including those your boss set in the office or your college administrations – in a school. Do you want to stay in the Among Us game all the time no matter what? Then you are at the right place.
The cosmic trip starts and you get the role – be it an impostor, a nasty betrayer and killer, or an astronaut, a hard-working bee, willing to keep things in order. When the game starts, you don’t have an idea of the other players’ roles. Each of you knows his/her part only and has to follow the plot strictly. When you are an astronaut, you should act like an astronaut. You care about the space mission, have numerous tasks to do, a great amount of things to check, repair, and improve. In case you are an impostor, then your behavior will be the opposite – you are here to break everything, stop the mission, kill the astronauts without being uncovered, and on the top of that – always stay as invisible as you can. Fool other players, do your best to complete your destructive part of the mission, and enjoy the spirit of disorder.
As an astronaut, you will have to avoid being killed by the impostors at the first place. This means that you should avoid staying with people you don’t trust. However, the trick of the game is that you cannot really trust anyone. The betrayers will lie and do everything to make you swallow the hook. Enjoy your part of the play and try to win in this creepy opposition if you can!

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