Among Us: The Imposter

If you always thought that a life of an impostor from Among Us is sweet like honey, you were wrong. Not only these guys are desperate and risky enough to go against the whole huge team of the astronauts. Also, they need to overcome numerous obstacles to stay alive. In this game, you are going to play for a running impostor – help him to deal with numerous levels where numerous killing challenges are all around. Maybe, this guy has been caught by the spacemen and now they want to punish him? He won’t surrender that easily and will try to avoid being thrown into the outer space! The game starts!
The format of this title can be called “run and bounce”. As you can understand, these are two of your main actions – you must run forward and jump high to avoid hitting the dangerous obstacles. The game contain fifteen roads filled with numerous traps and you must run through them without dying. This won’t be easy! What is more, there is an additional task to take care of – you must gather the shiny stars around the levels. Each of the courses includes three bright stars and you must catch them all to complete the levels with success. Do your best, run as fast as you can, be attentive to avoid all the obstacles, and gather the stars to get the additional scores. Help the small impostor to win this challenge!

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4 Stars
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