Among Us: Space Rush

Initially, Among Us is a thrilling social game, where your life is always in danger. It tells a story of a space crew invaded by the impostors. While the spacemen are trying to fix the broken ship and continue their mission, the impostor brings everything to chaos with his own hands. However, did you know that the character of Among Us love having fun when they are free? These cute astronauts like running, competing, and winning the crazy races. We welcome you to play a cool fan-made game based on the legendary Among Us, only now no violence and deaths are possible. This time, no impostors really matter – the format of the game is different.
The idea of Space Rush is running forward and trying to reach the finish line faster than anyone else. Your task is to become the speediest astronaut and complete the levels like a boss. Not only you will fun, but also bounce to avoid obstacles. There is a double-bounce that allows you to deal with the trickiest and highest of them. Also, you will see the golden coins here and there on the road – do your best to collect as many of them as you can. The coins will give you some extra scores, so enjoy! In addition to that, you will make friends on your way to the finish and sometimes they will need your help. Assist your buddies, save their lives, and become the champion!

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