Among Us: Space Run

This beautiful fan-made game based on Among Us series will make you a super-cute astronaut in the outer space. He is orange and he wears an adorable costume of Pikachu with ears and tail. The idea of the game is very simple – you need to apply all of your reaction skills and pass through numerous arcade levels until you find the finish and win. This poor orange buddy is all alone in the dark and cold space – will you help him find the final destination and finally get on the board of his ship when he meets his friends? Hope, you will do that!
The game encourages you to bounce from one platform to another and therefore – move forward through the tricky levels filled with numerous challenges and traps. Be very careful and make your jumps thoughtful. Don’t you hurry – the platform might be moving, so you need to wait for the right moment to jump. Sometimes, this won’t be easy and your astronaut might fall down, right into the black abyss of the outer space. This is something you cannot allow, so be careful and jump accurately. Also, you will see small UFOs on your way – gather them all and get the scores. The UFOs are very important, so try not to miss a single! Space Run is a free game available online – launch it now and have fun!

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