Among Us: Single Player

While Among Us has been created a multiplayer game for social interactions and interesting plots that happen beyond people that interact with each other, some of you asked: “How about the version of the game available for solo-gamers?” Now you have such a chance – enjoy a fan-made story based on the original Among Us series. Only this time, you will have a chance to play alone and what is more – to become an impostor only. This means that a pretty tough but very exciting adventure is waiting for you today.
The game encourages you to be a single impostor on the board of a spaceship. You are a bad guy, which means that you must do some bad things. While the spaceship members are all working hard to finish their cosmic mission, you will put your hands on the equipment, break it, and prevent astronauts from bringing things to order. As you have already guessed, the best way to stop them from repairing things is simple – just kill them all one by one. Let the blood spill! But don’t get too overexcited by the power you have. Make sure that none of your opponents can realize that you are an impostor. Be silent, act accurately, and don’t show up. Pretend to be one of them and you will reach the desired aim. See how masterful you can be in the opposition with numerous astronauts.

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20 Stars
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