Among Us Pop It

Game developers keep amazing the average user by seemingly simple things. Surely everyone remembers playing with bubble wrap, which is used for protecting fragile elements during transportation. Air bubble bursting perfectly relieves stress, allows you to exercise your fingers and enjoy the process itself. And this process was taken as a basis when creating an exciting computer game – Among Us Pop it.
In this modification, a favorite fidget toy is in the shape of the famous character of Among Us. You will see an anti-stress toy on the screen in front of you and all you need to do is to pop the bubbles. Your task is to click on the circles in this funny toy in the same color as the falling bubbles. Click on no as fast as you can to get the highest rating among all the other players. Are you interested to see how long you can last in the game and if you can set the best record? Then download this entertainment to test your skills.
Pop it helps relieve stress, lift your mood and create a fun atmosphere. This anti-stress activity is a perfect assistant in moments when you need to leave behind a bad mood or get rid of boredom. You will hit two targets at the same time – spend time with pleasure and relax while killing your stress.

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