Among Us Online

The amazing universe of Among Us welcomes you, dear players! This incredible and super-popular game is available on this page online. This means that you don’t have to waste your precious time seeking for the best server to launch it. Now you have all in one pack – a free, unblocked, and online version of the game available for you at any moment, whenever you feel that the time has come for a thrilling adventure in the outer space. You don’t have to download the game and install it to your device, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. Instead, one click of the mouse and you are already in the game. Everything starts with the roles distribution and this first step decides the entire playing process for you. Let’s start!
The roles of the game are divided into two camps – impostors and astronauts. The impostors are pretending to be astronauts, but in the reality, they are the real enemies of the team. These guys are here to make the mission fail and all the team members – die. They are walking around the board of the ship, sabotaging the work, enjoy their free time, and do something nasty all the time. When they appear in one room with another player, preferably – an astronaut, these guys start acting seriously. Their main task is to kill all the astronauts, so whenever nobody can see them, they will never lose an opportunity to stab an astronaut with a sharp knife. The main idea of playing for one of the impostors sounds pretty simple – these guys are here to kill, destroy, and the most important – to stay unnoticed. If someone sees them, well, they have all chances to get the maximal amount of votes and then – get thrown in the outer space forever. Sometimes, the members of the game do mistakes or the impostors fool everyone to avoid being uncovered. When this happens, the players may throw an astronaut away instead of punishing a really guilty person. After death, all the players can come back to the game in the form of ghosts and continue doing whatever they did before. Only now they have no chance to vote and communicate with each other.
In the online version of the game, you will get free and unlimited access to the content. No restrictions are possible – the game is full and bright, as always. You will start with receiving the role and nobody else will have information about who you are. Depending on the role, you need to accomplish certain tasks and do your work if you are an astronauts and vice versa – do everything nasty that comes to your mind if you are an impostor.

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