Among Us New

What makes an amazing game even more amazing? There is nothing better than a cool update that makes your playing experience truly unforgettable. Now we are happy to present the latest installation of the real masterpiece that took the Internet by storm recently. This is the new part of Among Us, a great entertaining title that conquered millions of hearts. If you like the games where the atmosphere is always hot and pressing, then this one is for you. Do you want to immerse yourself into the intrigues of real people transferred online? Well, you can have a plenty of them. How about solving some creative and logical puzzles on your way? You will have such an opportunity, as well. Enjoy Among Us, namely – the freshest installation of this masterful social Mafia-like game. Are you ready for the most thrilling adventure in your life?
The new part is as perfect for your collective game with friends as all the previous ones. You and other gamers will be a team of astronauts and a team of impostors – this backbone of the game stays the same throughout all the parts of these impressive series. Basically, every game you or any other team of players arrange is always unique, because you are both – the active participants and the authors of the plot unwrapping inside of the playing process. If you are an astronaut, then your task is pretty challenging. Not only you need to support some kind of an order on the board of the ship, but also your main aim is to avoid being killed by one of the impostors. If you are a representative of the opposite camp, or an impostor, then your task is the opposite – make sure to spoil everything you see, pretend doing something useful, but continue chilling and breaking the equipment, and the most crucial – find the best moments to murder the astronauts. You have a sharp knife and the art of conspiracy to do that. Have fun and enjoy the game no matter which side you take. In the new part, you will find a collection of cool add-ons, like accessories, amazing environments to discover, and numerous new small and big mission to accomplish. Enjoy the game and play your role till the end! Who will win today: the impostors or the astronauts? Press the “Play” button and see!

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