Among Us Multiplayer

The unique multiplayer game Among Us will amaze every gamer with a new approach to collective games. It is hard to find a game similar to this masterpiece, so if you have been searching for the free version to try out – you are welcome to enjoy right here. And, yes, this is a multiplayer for a pretty large company of friends! Considering the plot of the game and the complexity of the story, the maximal amount of ten players is really large and we bet that you will enjoy such a huge company. At the same time, you are welcome to play it in a smaller company of four participants. This way, you might have a chance to distinguish a betrayer faster, but everything depends on your detective skills, attention, and patience. The more participants are there in the game – the better, since it becomes less predictive and more exciting.
If you would like to arrange the game with 3-9 of your friends, you are welcome to enter the server and create a room for your company. Make the room closed and nobody else will ever bother you! However, if you would like to meet new people from the amazing Among Us community or simply need more people to your team in order to make the game more interesting and complicated, you can always find partners on the game server. As the popularity of this title is really huge, you will definitely find numerous people always ready to join the collective game with you. Have fun and launch it now, prepare for a random and exciting role, start the game, and try to accomplish your mission regarding the role you receive – be it a betrayer or an astronaut. Enjoy one of the most popular and perfectly-done multiplayers of the last decade – Among Us. We have a free and full version right here, especially for you. Start playing now and try to be the best impostor or the most hard-working and attentive astronaut, regarding the role you will receive.

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