Among Us Mods

When you are waiting for the full-fledged new part of your favorite game, we know how to gladden you. Play some mods – see an old good entertainment from a new angle! And here comes the great pack of Among Us add-ons that will definitely change your playing experience to better. Some of these free modifications are just cosmetic – they don’t really change the gameplay, but add rather decorative elements to your characters and the environment. The others work to change everything to bring your playing experience to a brand new level. On this page, we have a huge collection where you will find the mods of both types.
One of the most favorite add-ons all the Among Us fans love and adore is the opportunity to get yourself a pet. The modifications include pets that were never available in the initial version of the game. For example, if you dreamt of owning a Pokemon or any other exotic animal – now you can do that. Also, a super-engaging mod that doesn’t change the essence of the game but makes it funnier definitely is a pack of amazing accessories. Did you know that impostors and astronauts cannot imagine their lives without cool hats? In the mods, you can get a plenty of them – be a cowboy, a lady, or a cute guy in a hat with ears.
Also, there are community mods for all the fans that find communication and cooperating the best parts of the game. Next, you are welcome to enjoy cleaning mods that allow you to clean the crime scene and therefore – avoid suspicions of the other ship members. Special holiday mods for numerous events, like Halloween or Christmas are also presents – these are the classics of the mods tradition, so it is hard to imagine the game without something like this. Enjoy any of mods from our collection and make your game richer and more diverse!

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