Among Us Character

Who is an average Among Us character? They all look pretty much the same from the first glance. These are the egg-like guys, wearing the colorful suits of the astronauts. They have a small glass for their eyes in the upper part of a suit and a backpack behind them. All of them are the members of the crew flying to the outer space to investigate and research new planets. Their ship has been invaded by the deadly impostor – the astronaut that is definitely crazy. He/she looks just the same as any of the astronauts, but his/her true nature opens when the situation allows. Namely, the impostor will show up when he/she appears in one room with the astronaut and nobody else will see them. Once such an opportunity appears, the impostor will pull out the knife and kill the astronaut.
The members of the astronaut crew obey a clear hierarchy. They have professions and each of them complete a certain amount of specific tasks. With time and updates, the characters become more and more different – they even gain the personality traits and become really interesting. In general, the game includes twelve different astronauts to play for and they are distinguished by colors: red, green, black, blue, brown, white, yellow, purple, etc. Also, they can wear hats to feel more unique. You cannot choose the character from the very beginning, as well as there is no opportunity to choose your role and profession. The game provides you with skills and duties from the very beginning. However, you can change the skins and choose the name for your character before the game starts. Do your best to make your character maximally unusual and unique – not only his/her appearance, but also personality traits and special habits. Have fun – the diversity and complexity of the playing process is in your hands. You are welcome to enter the game and play for one of the Among Us characters right here and right now! We offer a free version of the game – it is not limited and doesn’t have any blocks or payments. Free, unblocked, and all yours!

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