Among Us: Bike Race

Did you know that the astronauts and impostors from Among Us are not limited to the life on the spaceship board only? Well, they have more interesting things and hobbies to do than just killing one another and voting for the betrayers. At the times of calm and peace, these guys prefer… riding the bikes! And you will be amazed to find yourself in the alternative fan-made game Among Us: Bike Race. Here the astronauts will show that controlling a bike is not a problem when you can control the entire spaceship and even defend it from the crazy impostors! Are you ready? Then start your engine right now and let’s do it!
The game is a physics-based simple rider, where you will sit on the bike and make your way through numerous roads. The roads are not that simple – these are the dark woods, sands, tricky roads, and other locations not that easy to master. The amazing physics engine makes the riding process very exciting and realistic, even though the graphics are cartoonish and funny. We bet that you will adore such a contrast and enjoy riding with the astronauts from Among Us! Rush through the woods, enjoy the beautiful nature around you, have fun dealing with the tricky obstacles, and finally – overcome all the roads and win all the races if you can! All fans of the original franchise will be absolutely delighted by this simple and entertaining game.

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