Among Us 3

Impostors never sleep. They attack the spaceship one more time and, as always, these guys are impossible to distinguish. They hide and pretend to be spacemen, but when nobody sees them, they make a strike – a deadly one. Are you already familiar with this plot? Well, then the time has come to welcome you in the third part of the game Among Us, a real masterpiece of the last decade. This one is a great social game that reminds of a classical table Mafia. The participants are divided into two parts – impostors and astronauts. The first part of the team devotes their time to some really nasty things to do. They walk around the ship, search for an opportunity to hurt and kill the others, and break the equipment to spoil the research mission in the outer space. Astronauts strive to continue the mission and end it successfully. In the case of the game this means – without dying.
As in two previous chapters of the game, you are going to become either an impostor or an astronaut. However, the players cannot choose the roles – the game does it for them automatically. Once the teams are divided, you don’t have an idea about who is who, so you can bravely suspect anyone to be a betrayer. When the crime happens and someone gets killed on the board of the ship, you may have suggestions about the murderer. Think of the person who was the closest near the dead body or else – the one who called everyone to the spot where the tragedy happened. Maybe, he/she was there because this was his/her deed? Also, you can accidentally notice the criminal or else – suspect that someone is not an astronaut by his/her behavior on the ship. As such, players that simply wander around the corridors and rooms without doing something useful must be under your attentive eye.

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