Among Us 2

Here comes the newish adventure of astronauts and impostors. The story is not over yet and you are welcome to become one of the impostors or astronauts again – the role will be decided by the game. As in the first part, you are welcome to enter the spaceship, where the real war is happening. The team is divided into two camps – betrayers and loyal astronauts. It is not clear which side you will take – the roles are prescribed by the game randomly. Your role shows the direction and main tasks you are going to complete. You might be a good guy, trying to launch the ship into the space and deal with all the researching and engineering tasks. On the contrary, you may become a betrayer of the entire team and do everything to spoil the mission. The main goal is to kill all the comrades without getting noticed.
So, how the second part is different from the original? Well, first of all, fans will be glad to know that your most favorite feature of the game – a collection of amazing adorable skins – is not improved and expanded. Yes, our fancy friends, now you will enjoy more cute hats and other accessories that will make your character look really impressive and original. No matter if you are an impostor or an astronaut – we know that you want to look amazing and you will have that opportunity in Among Us 2. Also, not only the character will start looking richer and more unique. There are brand new spots to discover! Our brave team of cosmic travelers will visit various planets and unusual places they have never been before. The bright and interesting rooms, locations, and impressive decorations are waiting for you. The game becomes more interesting and diverse.
As for the plot – it stays just the same as it was before. The game process is available for a number of players that will be divided into parts. The first part of your team consists of astronauts – hard-working and noble guys. They are scientists, researchers, pilots, engineers, and mechanics. If you are lucky to play for one of the astronauts, get ready to work on numerous constructive tasks. These are puzzles, various riddles, and tasks for repairing the parts of the ship. By the way, don’t be surprised that some of your repairing tasks are prescribed to you after one of your team members has done a really nasty thing – broken the equipment. And, yes, this was one of the betrayers or else – impostors. Identify who are the impostors on the ship and try to get rid of them before it is too late! Good luck!

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